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Born in 1937 in Breslau, Germany, he is married to Rosa Maria since 1962 and father of two children. He has lived and worked in managerial positions in a number of countries and continents, being Germany, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Oman, Libya, the United States of America.

He has been the founder of well over a dozen companies in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, England, The Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, the United States, and Argentina, most of them related to the filed of energy and machinery, some of them engineering, technical service, manufacturing, and distribution companies.

His major professional activities have been in management and engineering in oil and gas drilling and production activities; in competitive energy saving cogeneration systems development and manufacture; in alternative fuels application engineering and systems development for industrial vehicles, mass transit buses etc., such as hydrogen, propane, natural gas.

He is holder of two United States Patents and one German Patent applied for, namely:

  • Bi-rotational Coupling System for Secondary Crude Oil Production
  • Swirl Chamber High Energy Spark Plug for Low
  • Emissions Lean Bum Natural Gas Engines
  • Gas/Air Mixing Device for Lambda Controlled Natural Gas Engines

He has organized, conducted and chaired a number of international workshops and technical seminars concerned with natural gas engines technology; with oil and gas drilling and production technology; with underground coal and ore mining methods, in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, China, Brunei, Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands.

His languages knowledge includes German, Spanish, English, Italian and French.

He presently chairs a company dedicated to engineering and supply of oil and gas production and exploration systems, dealing mainly in Russia and South East Europe.

His past and present social and civic activities have been and are:

  • Committee Member in the Court of Appeal of Conscientious Objectors to Military Service in Arms
  • Committee Member of various Election Polling Centers
  • Vice President of the International Academy and President of the European Branch
  • Master of a Freemasons Lodge
  • Professorship at the Peninsula Institute, California

He holds membership in a number of American engineering societies:

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Society of Mining Engi­neers
  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • Cogeneration and Competitive Power Institute

International Awards:

  • Fellowship in die "Tour Mile Club", Achievement Award for Exceptional Service to the American Petroleum Industry
  • Cum Laude Certificate of Proficiency in English by Michigan State University
  • Diploma of Leading Expert in Oil and Gas Industry, by the Academy for Integration of Science and Business, Moscow.
  • Honorary Doctors of Philosophy, Honoris Costar.
  • High International Assembly Grand Golden Medal "For Outstanding Achievement" names after A. Einstein

He has virtually traveled the whole world, all five continents, and over seventy countries.

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