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WELL - Best of the Best    Organizations    Persons
What is the WELL ?

WELL is the largest and most respected international rating organization in most countries. WELL provides an “Academy Certified Specialists” license to members of the List and a specific “Best of the Best” title, which proves qualification for the nominates. The purpose of the List is to recommend the most outstanding specialists for customers, clients, vendors, editors, employers, employees, and others who have a business relationship of any kind with the nominees. The List helps to support and recognize world achievements in areas of personnel, cultural, technological, intellectual and industrial resources.

Included in the List are the opinions of the Academy’s respected jury, a digest of existing ratings and quality research conducted with unique software created by the Academy.

The bestowment of the title provides you the right to have the certificates and diplomas, the international mark of quality, your own website under WELL, participation in weekend and/or weeklong symposiums in picturesque vacation spots with a chance for immensely broad advertising. The bestowment of the titles let you nominate organizations or persons to include in the List whom you conduct business with. Those structures that have more business relations with licensed members of the “Academy Certified Specialists,” have more privileges in regards to WELL.

WELL is an international, independent, noncommercial organization and acts under the patronage of The International Academy of Sciences, Education, Industry, & Arts. The Academy is a consortium of world leaders: out­standing Scientists, Artists of all disciplines, Presidents of National Academies of Sciences, Uni­versities, CEO’s of companies, banks and organization, Political figures, Heads of state, Ambassadors, Governors, Mayors, State Ministers and other outstanding elite professionals on the planet. They are spread out in the dozens of branches over five continents in many different countries of the world. Among them there are dozens of persons who have made history and changed the world, hundreds of top-level executives, managers and specialist. Also included are representatives of the world’s largest commercial, financial, government, scientific, cultural and educational structures, which have a vast influence on the market and clientele.

WELL includes categories of classes such as the “Pantheon of Glory,” “Gallery of Beauty,” “Gallery of Glory,” “List of Youth Talents,” “List of Specialists.” The prestige of WELL within The Academy is comparable to the Nobel Prize and similar awards, but has a larger scope of interests.

The title puts you under no obligation to WELL, but this privilege can be revoked at any time if there are any complaints or your failure of application. These structures will be put in a special list, which places a “veto” to recommend the structure again. Complaints can be removed by the body of experts, a second chance for application can be provided by the expert committee.
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WELL - Best of the Best    Organizations    Persons   

Academy    About WELL  Pantheon of Glory  Gallery of Honor Gallery of Beauty 

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